Dear Sunshine Coast Hearing,

My husband has been hearing impaired for many years. He has tried several times to wear various hearing aids but they were ineffective. I was at my wits end having to repeat everything I said a least three to four times only to have him misunderstand me. He became very withdrawn.

When I saw the office of The Sunshine Coast Hearing, I decided with faint hope to try once more to get him help. It took time but eventually he reluctantly entered the store. We were greeting politely and with a smile, then taken immediately to an office where he was very extensively tested.

Kathryn Schnell was incredibly understanding and competent. Within a short time, he was fitted with new hearing aids and since then, I have had the full attention of the wonderful man I married 65 years ago. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the skill, knowledge and sincere effort that both of us found at Sunshine Coast Hearing.

Thank You.

Jody Sheppard – July 2013


Dear Kathy and Neetan,

Thank you for the great service you gave us whatever the problem Lloyd is having with his hearing. You are always there for us.

We also thank you although belatedly, for the efforts you put into having the replacements of Lloyds hearing aids moved up a year with Work-Safe.

His hearing had deteriorated so much and they replaced them with state of the art hearing aids. It makes a world of difference for both of us.

We both appreciate your time and effort very much.

Thank you again.

Llyod Patterson – March 2014


I would like to thank Kathryn Schnell for bringing Sunshine Coast Hearing to Gibsons. She is needed here especially her expertise in hearing aids. My hearing needs and problems were many and she always found a solution and took the time to explain all the differences and variations in the products she carries in a way I could understand. She is also willing to listen and help whenever to find a solution to a problem.

Barry Littlewood – September 2013


Last year it was deemed I needed hearing aids and I am so glad I chose Sunshine Coast Hearing for this life changing event. The patience and kindness I was shown during the fitting and the many adjustments was exemplary and the after-sales service has been nothing short of excellent. I would heartily recommend Kathryn Schnell and Sunshine Coast Hearing for any and all hearing needs.

Jean Russell – September 2013


I am very happy with my hearing aid. Now I have 1 hearing aid in my right ear, If I need to get one for my left ear, I am sure to come to you.

Eva Darai – August 2013


It is my experience that Kathryn Schnell, RHIP Sunshine Coast Hearing can be relied upon to provide patient, courteous, professional services at competitive prices to expertly deal with hearing impairment needs. A local service conveniently located at Gibsons IGA Mall. Recommended!

G.Mooney – August 2013


The services I have received from Kathryn Schnell of the Sunshine Coast Hearing are excellent . She is very patient and considerate. I highly recommend her to help you with the hearing problem.

Johan Van der Geest – August 2013


I came to Sunshine Coast Hearing because of the recommendation of a friend, who raved about exceptional friendly service (she even does house calls).

I have found the staff to be COURTEOUS-when greeting you PATIENT-and willing to listen to your concerns (take time to explain test results etc or explaining their products).CONSIDERATE- of your needs (when making recommendations of their products for your use.)

I will continue to be a happy customer and pass the word along. They are a 5* business and we are very fortunate to have them on the Sunshine Coast.

Mary Quarry – August 2013


It’s a pleasure to deal with a company that is trying to bring back the lost art of service. I have found Coast hearing to go beyond the norm with their willingness to accommodate. Kathy and her staff do not only provide a pleasant place for your needs but will go offsite if required.

Wally Venechuk – August 2013


I had a lovely surprise at finding the Sunshine Coast Hearing after buying two aids at different times and problems. The friendly and helpful sunshine coast hearing solved all my problems.

Thank You S.C.H

S. Peace – August 2013


I have found the staff at Sunshine Coast Hearing to be understanding and caring in dealings with me when I came to get my first hearing aid. Kathryn especially went out of her way to make sure that I could utilize it easily and properly. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs such an appliance.

Moira Scholtz – August 2013


Dear Katherine

Being fit with hearing aids has certainly improved my life and also my wife and family’s life. We can sit around chatting and I now hear what is being said and am part of the discussion.

The one thing everyone is appreciating the TV monitoring devise where I can watch and hear my programs and the rest of the household does not have to over talk the TV.

Thank You

Yours Truly

John(Jock)Bennett – August 2013


I strongly recommend Sunshine Coast Hearing to anybody with a hearing problem. Kathryn Schnell was extremely professional in her knowledge, testing process, and the provision of appropriate hearing aids for me. Ongoing support and adjustments to my hearing aids were cheerfully provided at no additional cost. Kathryn made several home visits to connect the Phonak to our TV and make sure that it was working correctly. I believe that Sunshine Coast Hearing provides the best and most cost-effective service available.


Doug Elson – August 2013


If your hearing is deteriorating I strongly suggest that you give Kathryn Schnell a call at Sunshine Coast Hearing where you will receive friendly efficient service from a highly qualified hearing specialist.

I live in Sechelt and on several occasions Kathryn has visited at my residence to make adjustments to my hearing aids thereby saving me a trip to Gibsons.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Kathryn for the great service that she provided.

Bernie Gallant – August 2013


Sunshine Coast Hearing – Highly recommended, and if you live in Gibsons, no need to travel. Professional help is right here for your hearing problems!

Bernard McGrath – July 2013


I’m an Artillery Vet and a retired Civil Engineer, with many years around heavy equipment and the high frequency part of my hearing range is shot. I’ve had many types of hearing aids over the past fifty years, from the big box type to today’s little beauty’s.

I find Sunshine Coast Hearing’s little Phonak Bolero Q is the best I have experienced, apart from the hearing reception quality, I particular like the fact they are water proof and come complete with a Com Pilot.

In the past I have gone went swimming in the gulf of Thailand and got caught in tropical down pours in Japan and Brazil – you guessed it, I forgot to take them out and had to wait ages before I could get them fixed! I’ve twice now taken a shower and jumped out when I remembered the aids, but all was well, no problems afterwards.

I don’t know how many people use the Com Pilot but I find it indispensable. I can work at my computer in another room from the TV and listen to the latest information from the TV. If you are a business person, or have lots of friends phoning, you can take calls through your Com Pilot around your neck without going to the phone.

I highly recommend Sunshine Coast Hearing for the latest in hearing aid equipment and the excellent service from Kathryn.

Ian Mcinnes – July 2013


I have known Kathy for years and she is wonderful. She has a beautiful presence and every time you walk into her clinic she greets you with a wonderful smile. I am very pleased with everything she has done for me. Kathy always puts the customer first and I would never go see anyone else.


Irene Peters – July 2013


I am very pleased to express my appreciation to Kathryn and her team for the service I have received regarding my former hearing problem.

I am thrilled with the technology of their products and more than thrilled with the welcoming service I have received since. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends.


Chris Fredrickson – July 2013


Thank You for making the experience of getting hearing aids so pleasant. You and your staff have always been so helpful, efficient, and thorough. I have had such good service and my life has been improved with your help. I recommended Sunshine Coast Hearing to anyone with hearing needs.

Diana Case – July 2013


Dear Kathryn,

It is time I sent you a little note of appreciation for giving me a complete examination and choosing the best model for my condition.

You very kindly brought the aid to my home since I no longer drive and live a long way from your office. This is the best service and hearing aid I have ever had.

I have recommended you and your office to several of my friends, and will continue to do so.

My sincere thanks.

Don Hadden – July 2013


Kathryn Schnell, RHIP BC-HIS of Sunshine Coast Hearing, tested my hearing and provided hearing aids for both my ears. This greatly improved my hearing. Her patience and knowledge is much appreciated.

Peter Madison – July 2013


Kathryn, has given me excellent service. She treated me as if I was her only customer. I really appreciated her home visits. She also worked very hard to make sure my hearing aids were tuned to my hearing.

Thanks Kathryn

Rose Stevens – July 2013


I found Sunshine Coast Hearing to be courteous and considerate. They did everything to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sue Wiggins – July 2013


Nicest people on the coast to hear from.

Bev – January 2015